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One way to do it is by reinventing the speed date.

How coronavirus is transforming online dating and sex

A participant who is interested in another can email the representative; if two people feel sparks, the representative connects them. Coronavirus is also upending what we thought were the ground rules of dating in the digital age. Pre-coronavirus, texting someone to set up a date was fine, but calling a person, let alone video-chatting before a date, was tiptoeing toward creepy.

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You might decide your partnership is even more important than you thought. Or, dealing with cancer and the changes it can cause might weaken the relationship.

It is important for you and your partner to talk about your concerns and challenges with each other. Your health care team or a counselor can also help you manage your concerns and find ways to cope. If you are single Dating and finding a partner might be important if you are single.

But cancer and treatment can cause physical and emotional changes that affect your energy and interest in dating and sex.

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You might also feel like you are not yourself, do not look good, or have nothing to offer to a potential partner. Consider these strategies when developing new relationships. Think positively about yourself. For example, make a list of the great qualities you bring to a potential partner.

Tell your friends and family you are ready to date. Ask them to connect you with people who might be a match. Studies show that people with kids living at home tend to have more money and are more highly educated and in better health.

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CNN Many of us equate "sex" with "intercourse" and use those words interchangeably. Yet highly satisfying sex doesn t have to be limited to penetration -- and doesn t even have to include it at all.

In reading her results, I m struck by the idea that the majority of women report that they often don t reach orgasm through intercourse alone.

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This flies in the face of the stereotype of intercourse as the be-all and end-all of sexual activity -- and suggests that couples should explore the whole range of pleasurable options for achieving climax. Yet, many women still fake orgasm during intercourse, according to therapist Laurie Mintz, author of the new book " Becoming Cliterate.

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Be judicious about how you answer questions about what you re looking for in a partner. Some sites ask about your "deal breakers," that is things you absolutely don t want. If you make your list of do s and don ts too long, it will limit the possibilities. So only put seriously disqualifying or absolutely necessary things in that list.

Stay safe. When you find someone you are interested in — or someone finds you — exercise caution. For a first date, meet in a safe public place — a coffee shop is ideal.

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Until you know the person better and are confident he is who he claims to be, don t let a date drive you anywhere or even walk you to your car if it s a secluded place. Though most people are honest and well-meaning, you shouldn t take any risks at all. Take your time. Since the people you meet are coming from outside your network, you don t know people who can vouch for them.

So you need to be super cautious.